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Whether you're curious about meditation or seasoned in your practice, you might enjoy a break with one of the tracks below.


A 4.5-minute meditation utilizing deep breathing, self-compassion, and some visualization. This meditation is perfect for starting the day or anytime throughout the day when you may need some time to yourself.

Sina 1.png

This visualization leads you to a cozy corner that you can always find again. I encourage you to take intentional cycles of breath while leading you through a safe place in your mind, experienced through the 5 senses.


I recall Dr. Ginger Clark facilitating this visualization in one of my first courses at USC's Marriage and Family Therapy program. It was one of my first academic introductions to mindfulness. I appreciate the reminder that I always have the option to come back home, to myself, as an observer and unattached from external stimuli. It's a refreshing reminder and I have found that it can serve as a vacation for my mind, particularly in times when I may notice more fixations than others.

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